Our Partners

ashburyAshbury College, established in 1891, is an independent university preparatory school located in Canada’s capital. Ashbury’s mission is to engage students in a dynamic learning environment and to inspire them to become intellectual vibrant,compassionate and responsible citizens. The students of Ashbury College come from diverse backgrounds. Actions demonstrating peace and tolerance is part of the school’s mission.

YOUNG VOICES CAN! is part of Ashbury College’s outreach mandate to not only facilitate tolerance and understanding among youth from the Middle East, but to expose their students to the principles of peace, tolerance and pluralism, with the goal of building and ashbury scienceshaping an inclusive and respectful society.




The Jerusalem International YMCA has been serving the people of Jerusalem for over 133 years, facilitatingymca3languageslogo peaceful coexistence between its communities. It was initially envisioned by Dr. Archibald Harte. Harte worked tirelessly for his vision of an international YMCA branch in Jerusalem that would serve as a bridge between faiths and cultures in the increasingly divided city. The original YMCA had existed in Jerusalem’s old city since 1878, and less than a decade after Harte’s dream was born, the ‘new’ international YMCA building was dedicated in 1933. Harte’s vision was captured in three inscriptions revealed at the dedication: “The Lord our God the Lord is One” in Hebrew, “I am the Way” in Aramaic and “There is no God but God” in Arabic.

Participants for YOUNG VOICES CAN! are selected by the Jerusalem Y, and they attend a parallel program run at the facilities.